At CTQ, our Domestic collections division is industry renowned for recovering commercial debt collection across the Nation. Employing the most professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies, our team is unmatched at successfully recouping outstanding balances.

Ctq’s state-of-the-art collection technology and skip-tracing tools mean higher collections rates. A veteran collection team will be dedicated to providing quality customer service to all consumers and business who are sent to our office. Cedar is dedicated to services both large and small companies across all business sectors.

 Demand Notice Service

Demand Notice Service

As a final effort, our complimentary Demand Notice Service TM is designed to help clients engaged in commercial transactions avoid unnecessary collection proceedings with customers that merely need a little more than just an invoice or bill to pay their past due accounts.

Saving you the money and time involved to formally put the account into collections, our Demand Notice Service TM reaches out to your customers by giving them a limited time to pay or resolve their outstanding balances.

If payment is sent within the allotted time frame, you pay nothing, and we'll send your customer an e-receipt for their payment. It's just another way Cedar Financial helps you get the money you're owed - fast, which makes us one of the top international debt collection agencies across the globe.

    How the service works:

    Step 1: 

    A final notice is sent to the debtor via email and regular mail with your direct contact information inserted into our notice template allowing the debtor a limited time period to pay or resolve the outstanding balance due with you directly. The notice warns the debtor that unless the matter is resolved within the time given, the balance will be turned over to our agency for immediate collection.

    Step 2: 

    Should the debtor make payment(s) within the time prescribed there will be absolutely no fee or obligation to our agency for the notice service.

    Step 3: 

    Should the debtor fail to pay by the final date expressed on the notice, the account will roll-over into our database for immediate adjuster demand and standard contingency rates will apply. Our Demand Notice Service TM avoids unnecessary collection proceedings and enables you to maintain your relationship with your customers. If the debtor pays within the time

    Our Demand Notice Service TM avoids unnecessary collection proceedings and enables you to maintain your relationship with your customers. If the debtor pays within the time prescribed, you simply report the amount paid and our agency will automatically send an e-receipt to the debtor for the payment.

      Benefits of the service:

      • Maintains positive relationships with your customers  
      • Provides a final opportunity for your customer to deal with you directly
      • Avoids an agency fee on simple ready-to-pay accounts
      • Gets your customer's immediate attention
      • Minimizes collection costs and resources
      Sometimes all your customers need is a little "notice." Our Prepaid Notice Service TM is a final opportunity for customers who need a nudge to get their past-due accounts current.
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       Third Party Collection

      Third Party Collection

      A company's accounts receivables are usually it's second, if not its first, most important asset. It's a far cry from a just a debit figure on the balance sheet and reflects all the resources a company harnesses to manufacture, ship, and sell its products - all on a promise they will be paid at some point in the near future.

      At Cedar Financial, we fully understand that when an account receivable is not paid, especially when it's significant, the impact can be devastating. Depending upon the time past due and the amount outstanding, not only may cash flow be severely hampered, but in some cases, a company's operation may come to a complete halt.

      Therefore, in view of supporting every company's credit risk management system, Cedar Financial's commercial collection services comprise the following goals, standards, and procedures:

      Contact us regarding your domestic or international commercial collection needs. We are confident that our services will surpass your standards and expectations.

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      In-house Counsel - Should a claim require additional legal support, our in-house counsel is the next step in the collection process, providing our clients with a one-stop collection shop. Without any change in our contingency collection rates, our in-house counsel will continue to professionally encourage your customer to fulfill their payment obligation. Keeping You Informed - Every claim, whether domestic or international, is given personalized and customized attention from many perspectives. Status update reports, feedback, and advice towards the resolution of each claim are provided to you on a timely basis. Well Vetted Creditor's Rights Attorney Network - When your customer and claim is out of our jurisdiction, over the past twenty-five years we have forged the best legal representation around the nation and around the globe giving our clients continued world wide support at no additional costs.

      Our Network and Our Agency Are One in the Same - Our long term network of vetted contingency based creditors' rights attorneys is an extension of our own company's core values and operating procedures. Every claim that is placed through our attorney network receives the same close monitoring and follow-up as though it was still in-house. The efficiency of Our Case Management System is that you never have to deal with any other party in the collection of your claim. Again, we are your one-stop collection shop.

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