Revenue Cycle Consulting

Revenue Cycle Consulting


  • Have You Calculated The Bottom-Line Impact Of Shortening Your Revenue Cycle And Improving Receivables Turnover?
  • Can Best Practices In Credit And Receivables Management Increase Your Profitability And Cash Flow And Reduce Needed Working Capital?
  • Our Experience Includes Both Domestic And Offshore BPO Operations And Technology Integration And Optimization For Cost Reduction, Quality Improvement, And Financial Performance Improvement.
  • Reduce DSO, working capital and increase cash flow
  • Increase Collections using best practices, technology and training
  • Reduce DDO by improving deduction processes
  • Automate accounts receivable management
  • Eliminate root causes of billing errors, deductions and disputes to improve profits
  • Establish effective credit policies
  • Mitigate risk with credit insurance, A/R puts and derivatives
  • Vendor compliance
  • Improve customer service and call center operations

Our Consultants Analyze The Revenue Cycle From Beginning To End. In Addition To Applying Best Practices And Resolving Root Causes, We Implement Metrics And Coordinate Efficiencies Across Departments, For Improved Quality And Service As Well As Optimal Overall Performance.

  • Billing
  • Customer service
  • Credit policy
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash application
  • Collections
  • Deduction process
  • Vendor compliance
  • A/R technology
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 Account Receivable Management

Account Receivable Management

Cash Application Accounts receivable Deductions and Disputes Collections Credit Management Carixa Credit to Cash Technology
  • CarixaC2C
  • Cash Application
  • Accounts receivable
  • Deductions and Disputes
  • Collections
  • Credit Management
  • Carixa Credit to Cash Technology
There Are Many Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivable Collection To Leib
Financial Benefits. You get the benefit of decades of receivables management experience and advanced technology, leading to improved cash flow, fewer delinquencies, and reduced bad debts, contributing to the bottom-line of your company.
Focus on core areas.  While we handle the tasks we are best at, your staff can be deployed to higher potential activities. For example, with our handling of aged receivables, your staff can focus on managing the current receivables.
Technology. Outsourcing to Leib eliminates the need for expensive technology as Leib’s services include best-in-class SaaS systems to provide the ultimate in streamlined, collaborative receivables performance for mid and large enterprises.
Access to skills. Finding experienced and talented staff is more expensive and difficult than it has ever been, just another reason to consider the ready-made talent available  at Leib.
100% US Operations. We all have personal experiences with offshore customer service, which becomes even more troublesome with business to business disputes and collections. Consequently, our operations are exclusively U.S. based.
Fast Implementation. Our implementation team will have your project or engagement running on your timetable. From as little as a couple of days for a collection project to a couple of weeks to outsource.
Our expert account managers devise customized plans for clients and draw on industry best practices to quickly implement self-funding solutions ranging from projects to revenue cycle outsourcing and co-sourcing. Our modular co-sourcing business practice means you can choose our services to manage or cure a specific problem area, while you staff focuses on other priorities. Working with LEIB means not only cost savings on your collections activities, but faster collections, improved days-sales outstanding, and typically, higher recoveries, leading to improved working capital and profits through our highly discreet and professional approach.

Past due receivables and long DSOs lead to a non-virtuous cycle that continues to worsen over time. Disciplined, continuous, and effective process and action must be maintained to reverse this cycle, the benefits of which efforts have long lasting effect. Accounts receivable management is our “core” mission and business, so you can expect that we are better at it.

Carixa is an exceptional enterprise SaaS solution for credit, collection, deduction, cash application and accounts receivable management that will dramatically improve your cash flow and profits, and will slash overhead. Carixa’s rules and workflow engines will manage your operations according to your policies to provide you with the ultimate in automated credit and accounts receivable performance. Carixa offers 100% automatic high volume cash application and web data and document tools that will change the way you operate. Carixa is web based, with no software or hardware to purchase. Collections and cash flow dramatically accelerated.

  • DSO dramatically reduced
  • Deductions slashed
  • Credit risk enhanced
  • Bad debts decreased
  • Disputes resolved
  • Accounts reconciled
  • Root causes identified
  • Routine work eliminated
  • Please contact us with any of your accounts receivable management needs.
Carixa is a trademark of Smyyth Technology LLC.
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