Walk that extra step to collect

Walk that extra step to collect

Using a special recovery method, also known as Skip Trace, CTQ Pro applies several reputable technologies to indicate the location of your debtor. If you are finding it difficult to track the missing defaulter, then our law firm can help. Skip Trace process not only optimizes the identity and location, but our special loan collection methods follow four important steps to ensure the most likely payment acquisition.

Skip tracing refers to the methods used to move forward those debtors who have disappeared. It is an unfortunate reality that many debtors are moved in an effort to stop debt behind them and stop collection calls and other efforts. In many businesses, the Accounts Receivable Department may feel overwhelmed and give up with such bad credit collection cases, which are seizing money properly.

Fortunately, loan collection agencies now use technology to help track the missing debtors. Debt collectors work relentlessly to discover the leads and highlight the information to find out where the debtor can go to the debtor. Even though the debt collector can talk about the debtor's personal information, there are various laws about it, leaving tracing is very effective. A properly licensed collection agency that operates within the law can also employ deep sketch tracing methods to find the debtors who have moved to another state or even the country.

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