We got you covered. We have a team of experts who will not only file proof of claims for you, will manage the whole bankruptcy from inception to the end. Once you provide necessary details, all responsibility is ours. Contact Us



Once you have handed over the invoices to us, it is our responsibility to manage and respond to all the notices. Not only, but we also act on notices, we proactively engage all resources at hand for the favorable disposable of the issue at hand. (contact us )



As per the Bankruptcy law, you have to continue to do business with customer however customer has to be current on the invoices after bankruptcy date, if a customer is not current then we stop business with them and files claims against them ( contact us )



In certain situations, a debtor could, before filing bankruptcy can make payments to some preferential creditors. As per bankruptcy law, all similar type of creditors has to be treated equally, therefore you may have to return the money back.
However, it’s not the end of the road, our team is an expert in handling these complex matters and can offer viable methods so that you do not necessarily have to return the money.(contact us)



We understand that it’s a difficult situation for your company. In cases, where your customer signed an agreement with you to avail services for x number of years and they file bankruptcy much before their contract expiry date, it’s a huge loss for the company.
In these case, we can file rejection damages against the client for not honoring the agreement and can claim to the court.(contact us)



Our team continues to monitor the case, we will be the first one to know how much money we will receive. We also strive to get maximum payout from bankruptcy trustee. (contact us )

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