Our Approach

Our Approach

As soon as we receive invoices from you, we will do our best to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Whether invoice is a straightforward debt collection matter or a complicated legal conflict, we will unburden you.


Your customer not paying you? Hand your debt collection matter to us as soon as possible and we will immediately go to work. Once you have handed over your debt collection matter, we will send you a confirmation by email that your debt collection assignment has been duly received. After this, you will also receive our confirmation letter, in which your file handler indicates that we have accepted your instructions. 


Your customer filed bankruptcy? Hand over your bankruptcy matter to us as soon as possible and we will immediately go to work. We need following details from you.

- Invoices copies
- Transaction statement
- Contracts/PO
Once we receive these details, our team will file proof of claims and will monitor the case. If the situation comes, we will proactively communicate to you for filing of admin claims, preference claims matters.

Creditor Committee Representation

Our network of law firms are best distinguished by their representation of hundreds of official committees in intricate insolvency proceedings across the country and in almost every industry.

Protecting and promoting creditors’ rights in bankruptcy case are a particular strength of our group. We represent individual as well as corporate creditors in complex bankruptcy litigation matters and counsel clients regarding both proactive and responsive solutions in distressed environments. In addition, we are often selected to serve as counsel to the official committee of unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 cases. We coordinate a constant flow of information to our committee constituency, empowering them to make fully informed decisions in the course of such cases.

We action your matter immediately

We send a demand letter to your debtor immediately

View your case 24/7 at our online portal

Questions? Your contact is always there to assist

Your unpaid invoices are paid

No Collection, No Fee

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