About Us

About Us

CTQ Pro-group has network of best in class debt collection law firms with a proven track record in delivering excellent results to our clients. Our law firms have won awards in the areas of debt collection.

We provide customized award-winning debt collection services and credit control solutions.Our customers include start-ups, large corporate units, some of the largest banks, independent financier, hospitals and bankruptcy practitioners across the country.

This experience has allowed our highly skilled team to create tailor made recovery strategies for individual debtors, this has resulted in maximizing the recoveries and higher client satisfaction.

We take the side of arbitration on the proceedings of the court, which helps us to use our knowledge and reputation in order to preserve customer relationships and add value, often to make positive conclusions for complex cases. However, we have extensive experience in the legal system and can guide you through legal arrangements should be the most appropriate option.

Our Mission - Our mission is to become a leading international credit collection agency by providing our clients with top quality local debt collection representation throughout the world, while preserving the integrity and professionalism of their own customers and our clients in the collection process. 

Our business - Our business is to provide the best local debt collection representation around the world, as well as to facilitate cross-border trade.
The goal is simple to distribute the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available to our customers. All this while focusing on unique challenges in your industry.

Our Values: To preserve the integrity of our clients and customers in the debt collection process by providing the highest ethical, professional and customer service standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old debt can be collected ?

Each state has a different statute of limitation. In order for us to accurately answer that question, we would need to know certain specifics of the debt. For the most accurate answer, it's best to give us a call so we can discuss that with you.

We have already written off the debt, can we still collect it?

Certainly, you can. 

If debtor is in another state, can you still collect ?

We have nationwide network and we also work internationally, we can collect your debt.

What is commercial collections?

Commercial collections involves the collection of past-due receivables owed to a business by another business, or an individual for a business related debt. It can be distinguished from consumer collections which involves collection of debts owed by individuals that were incurred primarily for a personal, family or household purpose.

Is the only type of collections work your firm handles commercial collections?

Our collections practice is generally focused on representation of business creditors that are owed money by other businesses or individuals. We routinely handle claims where the debtor is an individual where the basis of the claim is business related, such as a personal guaranty, or some other basis for personal liability of an individual in connection with a business debt. We do not currently accept volume retail collections (such as defaulted credit card debt) involving consumer debtors. We will accept non-commercial claims where the debtor is an individual depending on the nature of the claim, the documentation or other evidence supporting the claim, the age of the claim, its value, and our evaluation of its collectibility. Please contact us for a free initial consultation to evaluate your claim.

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